What makes NextPhaze different?

Next Phaze provides a safe, secure, affordable home and necessary related services for up to two years to single mothers between the ages of 18 and 24 and their child(ren).

A young mother who successfully completes the Next Phaze program will leave employed, better educated, assured of their significance and value and ready to serve as mentors and role models for other young women in and around their community.

The Problem

Single mothers between the ages of 18-24 and their children are especially susceptible to generational poverty

  • 32% of all Knox County families with children are single-parent families. Totaling approximately 16,000 families
  • 49% of all Knoxville (city) families with children are single-parent families. Totaling approximately 9,000 families
  • 49% of single mother-headed families in Knox County are below poverty level
  • 69% of single mother-headed families with children under the age of 5 in Knoxville are below poverty level
what makes nextphaze different?
Next Phaze serves a population that is not being served in Knoxville

The Restoration House: Serves mothers ages 25 and up and their children.

YWCA: Provides temporary housing for single mothers but does not allow the children to live with the mother.


Next Phaze empowers parenting teenage and young single moms to strive for personal and economic self-sufficiency and to understand their significance in God’s sight, resulting in a healthy future for them, for their children and community.

  • A Place: A home conducive to learning, healthy living, and growth.
  • A Plan: Holistic, individualized plan for each resident to ensure their success in developing all the skills necessary to maintain and sustain themselves and their children.
  • A Purpose: Employed, educated women, who know their significance in God’s sight are followers of Jesus and return as mentors and role models for other young ladies.




(865) 999-3081

P O Box 6531, Knoxville, TN 37914